News Item: The Raelian Movement to build Third Temple near Jerusalem -- The blueprints and timetable will finally be revealed by the REAL JEWS on September 18
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Sunday 11 September 2022

Las Vegas, September 15, 2022 — One of the missions entrusted to Rael, Spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement and announced Mashiach, is to build the Third Temple to welcome the Elohim (scientists who created all life on earth including humans) amongst their offspring—the People of Israel: “The children of Elohim and women of the Earth," as mentioned in Bereshit: 6:2.

The request stipulates that this Third Temple be built preferably near Jerusalem. To this end, the Raelian Movement has already requested land to establish their Embassy in Israel seven times and was denied seven times.

“Seven years ago, on the 21st day of the month of Ab 5775 (August 6, 2015), year of the Shmita, YHWH Elohim through the mouth of Rael—His last Messenger and long-awaited Mashiach—declared that the protection initially granted to Israel by the Elohim was removed,” stated Leon Mellul, Raelian Chief Rabbi.

It is noteworthy that, seven years after this declaration, (on this year 5782 ending also with the Shmita) the ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak stated that the State of Israel would cease to exist before its 80th anniversary.

“The 80-year curse that motivated Barak’s statement is easy to explain when we consider the ‘artificial’ nature of the State of Israel. Artificial, because its very existence and survival is only possible through the Elohim’s protection, and that protection is predicated on the condition that the Third temple be built in Israel,” explained Mellul. “Unfortunately, the People of Israel have lost their way, and they have lost their true mission of revealing the truth about the Elohim and preparing their return to Earth. This is precisely why this mission was given to Rael and all those who recognize the Elohim as our Creators. They ARE the ‘true Jews’—the ones Rael has brought together and will continue to gather,” added Mellul.

According to Mellul, in his last attempt to save the State of Israel, the Jewish state should give the land to build the Third Temple. But after seven refusals, the Mashiach decided to mandate a few Israeli real estate development agencies to find the requested land close to Jerusalem. AND THE LAND HAS ALREADY BEEN FOUND! ‘’This is great news, because we can now start approaching the authorities in Jerusalem and present them with the outline plans for the building of the Third Temple,” explained Mellul.

The conference, slated for September 18 at 9 pm, Jerusalem time, will cover all aspects of this unique venture; the blueprints, the timetable and the last necessary steps with the Israeli government. “If the Israeli government and Rabbis refuse to recognize Mashiach Rael as the Elohim’s last Messenger, and help Him build the Third Temple, it will be the end of the State of Israel and the last Galut (Diaspora) for the People of Israel,” added Mellul, who will be one of the speakers at the conference along with Daniel Turcotte, leader of the Elohim Embassy Project.

"Listen ô Israel, the survival of the State of Israel is in your hands as this is your very last chance. The Prime Ministers and Rabbis who have already refused or who would again refuse this last request will be accountable and solely responsible for the destruction of the State of Israel within the next six years,” concluded Mellul.

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