News Item: The Raelian Movement supports the people of Mali in their struggle for true independence and sovereignty
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Sunday 23 January 2022

Ouagadougou, January 23 2022 -- More and more, the African populations are demonstrating to affirm their firm desire to be free and free themselves completely from the continued stranglehold of their former colonizing countries. These manifestations have been observed regularly in recent years in sub-Saharan Africa. They are requesting, on the one hand, the departure from the continent of foreign military forces, particularly French ones, and, on the other hand, the total commitment of African leaders to work for an effective improvement of the material living conditions of their populations. “They are thus gratifying and bearers of hope for the very soon emancipation of Kama because they are the fruit of a collective awareness of the populations, and particularly of the young people,” declared Dr. Tai Ehouan, Continental Manager of the International Raelian Movement for Kama, during the Sunday gathering of January 9, 2022.

More specifically, these demonstrations are a response to the incessant call to action to all Africans by Maitreya Raël, Founder and Spiritual Leader of the International Raelian Movement. Indeed, for more than three decades, Raël has been asking Africans to take their destiny into their own hands by getting rid of the armies of their ex-colonizer, by creating their own currency, and by rediscovering and valuing their cultural roots.

“It is therefore quite natural that the Raelians of the world and particularly those in Kama (Africa) will support, as they have always done, all the non-violent actions carried out by the African populations on the way to their sovereignty and their emancipation, such as the Malian people have undertaken these days,” concluded Dr. Ehouan.

Raelians will join the pan-African organizations in the demonstrations of January 22, 2022, to support the Malian people in their quest for their true independence and sovereignty.

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