News Item: The "Back to Kama" Organization celebrates the signing of Juneteenth as an official Holiday
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Sunday 04 July 2021

Las Vegas, NV June 18, 2021 — On June 17, 2021, Juneteenth—the oldest known event commemorating the end of slavery in the US—was finally ratified into an official holiday, celebrating the emancipation of Africans who have been enslaved in the United States. And as we commemorate this special day, it's important to take a moment to reflect on the road travelled and the opportunities ahead.

As history has it, 400 years ago, the African continent was robbed of its sons and daughters who were turned into slaves to build Europe and the Americas. Centuries later, even though slavery was officially ended, the fate of the descendants of the freed slaves has not changed much.

In 2009, Rael—spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM)—launched the “Back to Kama” (BTK) project and asked Pr. Gbedia Dodo, a Raelian Bishop, to spearhead it.

The "Back to Kama" project ( is a voluntary migration campaign tasked to encourage well-educated, successful and affluent people of all races and religions—particularly those who are descendants of slaves—to voluntarily transfer the knowledge and wealth they have rightfully accumulated in the “Americas," and relocate all their businesses and operations to Kama. This is the most effective way to develop the mother land and to build wealth. BTK hopes to first attract celebrities, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and business people as the publicity generated by their initiatives will influence others to follow.

This year, as part of the special Juneteenth celebration, the BTK group is launching a new incentive to its project: encourage the direct participation of the Chiefs, Queens & Kings of Kama because they are the traditional authorities in the villages and regions. At the time of the slave trade, the countries and borders of today’s Kama did not exist, therefore, the descendants of former slaves should be returning back to the original regions, ethnic groups or villages of their displaced ancestors.

The Kings, Queens and Chiefs of Kama can play a monumental role, as they should be the ones primarily welcoming their long-lost descendants. In good Kama traditions, there will be a traditional ceremony to welcome them back in their ethnic group and introduce them to their long-lost family. This intronization ceremony has strong cultural meaning. It will facilitate the social integration of the returning sons and daughters, giving them a true sense of belonging to a family, a village, a people.
BTK wants to use the Juneteenth commemoration to praise the Kama Kings and Queens who have already welcomed many African Americans as sons or daughters of an ethnic group or a village, and to send an invitation to those who have not yet done so, to get involved.

As Pr. Dodo stated, "The BTK dream is to reverse the debilitating effect of the Kama Diaspora, in which millions of inhabitants left their homelands over the last few centuries, either involuntarily or voluntarily, to live in other parts of the world.

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