News Item: The Raelian Movement reiterates its opposition to compulsory vaccination and associated discrimination and supports the decision of the Council of Europe
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Wednesday 07 April 2021

Geneva, April 5, 2021 — In a recent press release, the Raelian Movement affirmed its categorical opposition to compulsory vaccination, which is a clear violation of individual freedoms and the right to choose. "This therefore includes the discriminatory measures currently being debated concerning a 'vaccine passport', other individual rights aggressively abused and restricted by political decisions aimed at fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and not respecting the resolutions adopted by the Council of Europe*,” declared Princess Loona, spokesperson for the Raelian Movement in Europe.

Indeed, while some European countries are discussing possible discrimination based on a “vaccine passport,” similar to the “Green Pass” enforced in Israel, the Council of Europe has clearly spoken out against compulsory vaccination and against vaccination-based discrimination: [the assembly requests] (art. 7.5.2) “to use vaccination certificates only for the designated purpose of monitoring vaccine efficacy, potential side effects and adverse effects.” "This excludes de facto discriminatory inclinations linked to a 'vaccine passport'," underlined the spokesperson.

The Raelian Movement ardently defends Human rights and individual freedoms, which go hand in hand with accountability. “One of our core values is accountability. It can only exist outside of coercion from states under the pretext of security or health. It is up to individuals to decide for themselves what is good for them, especially when it comes to health and vaccines," highlighted Princess Loona.

To this purpose, last December, Raelians proposed an amendment to article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights relating to the right to life, liberty and security of persons so that it can be amended to "the right to life, liberty, security of persons and their right to take risks."

This would allow the inalienability of the body and the risks associated with it, to become legal rights.

“The Raelian Movement has always been in favor of Science and in favor of its enlightened acceptance by the population. It encourages all scientific progress, which also includes vaccines,” explained the spokesperson. "In these times of understandable and salutary mistrust of what comes from authorities, including scientists, our humanity lacks a scientific council within a planetary governance, truly independent, and responsible for popularizing the extraordinary advances of Human science and to enlighten the population on the beneficial opportunities that they represent for its future. It is only with complete knowledge of the facts that each individual will be able to freely accept or refuse recommendations to be vaccinated or any other measure aimed at fighting a pandemic,” she added.

Princess Loona went on to stress that more generally, the founding Messages of the Raelian Movement, transmitted to Rael by an extraterrestrial civilization with a technological advance of several millennia over ours, reserved a preponderant place for science to solve all of humanity's problems and lift the world population out of the suffering and obscurantism in which it is still mired (free to download at

She added: "This means that science must be accepted by the population to better understand it, with better-informed populations, instead of it being used as a pretext for authoritarian political decisions taken by elected officials, little enlightened on the matter. Conflicting statements regarding masks, very disparate decisions between countries on how to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, political decisions regarding certain drugs even before the truth is clearly established are illustrations of this."

"The European Raelians invite citizens who are victims of vaccine discrimination to unite in groups that can take legal action at the European Court of Human Rights. They will win just cause since this recent Council of Europe protects them from discriminatory state abuses with regard to vaccines, vaccine obligations or other social pressures on the subject,” concluded Princess Loona.
* Resolution 2361/2021 of 27.01.2021 of the Council of Europe

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