News Item: Raelians to hold Swastika Rehab Day celebrations around the world
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Friday 26 June 2020

LAS VEGAS, June 26 – On June 27, Raelians around the world will be celebrating Swastika Rehab Day, a rehabilitation campaign launched by Rael—spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement—to bring more awareness about an ancient symbol that was tarnished by its misuse during the short Nazi era.

“Swastika Rehab Day was created 11 years ago in order to educate and bring more awareness to the public about the beauty inherent to an ancient symbol that is the swastika,” explained Marcel Hoffmann, leader of the Raelian Movement in Germany and new Swastika Rehab Day international leader. “In fact, the swastika is an ancient and sacred symbol that can be traced more than 7,000 years back, and has been and is still being used by major religions including Hinduism and Buddhism. It is found intertwined with a star of David as part of the Raelian Movement’s symbol and can also be found on the cover of one of the oldest manuscripts of "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" or "Bardo Thodol”—a book that predates Nazism by many centuries,“ added Hoffmann.

Hoffmann further explained that the swastika can also be found on vases from ancient Greece, it is known as the 'whirling log' among the Navajo, and is ubiquitous in Asia and India. “Depending on the cultures, this symbol represented good fortune, well being or the cycle of life and rebirth of all things. For Raelians, it represents infinity in time. Through millennia, this sacred symbol only carried positive connotation and still does in Eastern countries,” said Hoffmann.

Hoffmann reckoned that the swastika removal from different monuments or old buildings was again in the news over the past year. “We were however pleased to see that the public comments are evolving and are not as negative as they used to be. A debate was started at the University of Montana last December in favor of the removal of pre-WWII swastika symbols on a university wall, but instead, a Professor suggested to place an explanation of its beautiful pre-war meaning next to it and educate the public,” Hoffmann stated.

“Such a plaque would serve the purpose of educating people about world history, campus history, Nazism, Eurocentrism, and how symbols can be misappropriated yet still retain their orignal and true meanings. Educating is a University’s mission, not erasing it,” wrote Ruth Vanita, co-director of South and Southeast Asia Studies at the University of Montana.

“Our efforts to rehabilitate this symbol is not a waste of time,” said Hoffmann. “This symbol was given to Rael by the very human beings and scientists, who claimed to have created all forms of life on earth, including humans, ‘In their image.’ The wide spread presence of their symbol in civilizations that had never had any contact with one another is another confirmation of its extraterrestrial origin and the positive meaning that it carries."

"In a world dominated by fear, anger and obsessive sanitization, Raelians consider it as their mission to remind the public of the beauty, simplicity and endless renewal of life as illustrated by the swastika," concluded Hoffmann.

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