News Item: Raelians offer peace meditations to offset ongoing “viral terrorism”
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Thursday 07 May 2020

LAS VEGAS, May 5 – “By definition, terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation to create fear, and most governments—assisted by the media—have united to create the most widely spread fear that Humanity has ever faced, keeping billions of people indoor and denying them basic human rights by using the swiftest scientific consensus,” said Rael.

For the past 45 years, Raelians have promoted meditation as a tool for individual and collective well-being. And 10 years ago, Rael—spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement—launched the “one-minute for peace” meditation campaign, inviting people in the streets to join us for a powerful one-minute visualization of global peace.

“Our meditations for peace have already brought thousands of people together in the streets, worldwide, and we are now bringing them online to keep this much needed peaceful wave going,” explained Marcus Wenner, Ph.D., and Raelian Guide, who will lead the upcoming meditation on May 9.

Rael explains that our brains are wired to give love to others and when people meditate together at the same time, they can create a powerful energy in the form of a ripple effect that can physically change the world. And the greater the number of people meditating simultaneously the stronger the impact, thanks to the power of our brain and its ability to impact our collective consciousness via the vibration created by our thought waves. “The power of a number of brains meditating together is infinite,” said Rael.

Pausing just a few minutes and sending your energy of peace and love to all of humanity at the same time—as thousands of others on every continent—is the best tool to counterbalance the current ‘viral terrorism’, appease fears, assuage divisions, restore inner peace and global harmony, and give strength to all in the fight for real issues such as poverty, famine, cruelty, and overpopulation.

The meditation will be held in the zoom room 97884113602. Please connect with the following link:

NB: The room capacity is 1000 people. If it is full by the time you get there, please go to the official youtube channel 1min4peace where it will spill-over live.

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