News Item: Raelians support his Majesty Gan Massa, King of the Gans, and his population in the social crisis arising in Southwestern Burkina Faso
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Thursday 30 April 2020

OUAGADOUGOU, April 19 – Prophet Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, called for more than two decades ago, the Kamites (the original name for Africans) to apostatize from Christianity and to find the Kamite ancestral religions and spiritualties very beautiful and much closer to the truth than the deist Judeo-Christian religions brought about and imposed by colonization (cf. The United Kingdoms of Kama,

The incidents that took place on April 17 and 18, 2020 in the Kingdom of the Gans in Loropeni and Gaoua in the southwest of Burkina, further highlight the importance of this call from Rael.

The Raelian Movement of Kama (Africa) immediately took a position to support the King and his people.

Summary of the facts:

A princess in the royal family, attending a Protestant church, died of an illness. The King, custodian and respectful of ancestral cultural values, asked the pastor and his congregation to let the princess be buried in the royal vault as is the custom, after they had finished their burial prayers in their church. This did not happen, as the congregation rejected the King's vow by burying the deceased in another cemetery. It was then that the King had the princess' body exhumed to bring it back to the royal vault. This resulted in a summons to the police and the imprisonment of the King and his delegation on April 17. Consequence: a massive uprising with large demonstration of all the Gan population in the morning of April 18 for the release of their king. The liberation finally took place the same morning following intervention at the highest level of the country's political authorities, the king's delegation still being imprisoned.

The Raelian Movement, while welcoming the diligence of the higher political authorities of Burkina for the resolution of this crisis, expresses its disapproval and indignation for the occurrence of these incidents. ''This entire situation results from the total despise for Royalty and its ancestral cultural and cult values that the colonizer—in his ardent quest for the destruction of the traditional chiefdom, itself the guarantor of stability and peace in the social fabric in Kama—bequeathed to his African neocolonialist heirs, incapable of discernment and willing to deny and belittle themselves in order to serve the interests of the colonizer,'' said Dr. Ditalamane Hebie, guide-bishop and spokesman for the Raelian Movement in Kama.

The Raelian Movement denounces and condemns the total lack of respect and humiliation that were made to the King of the Gan and his population, firstly by the leaders of this Christian community who scorned the King by going so far as to reject his request for a meeting for an explanation, and secondly by the arrests that were made. The Raelian Movement calls for the swift release of the members of the royal delegation who are still imprisoned, and calls for a public pardon—and an offer of reparation according to Gan traditions—from the authorities of the Protestant Christian church and the administrative authorities in order to obtain compensation for such an error,'' continued Dr. Hebie.

In light of this crisis, Raelians in Kama (Africa) will further intensify the ongoing apostasy campaign launched by RAEL.

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