News Item: The Raelian Movement in Africa (Kama) congratulates and encourages scientists and traditional phytotherapists of the continent in the fight against COVID-19
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Thursday 30 April 2020

ABIDJAN, April 30 – In his solemn address to the Kamite (African) populations, more than two decades ago, Prophet Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, asked Africans (Kamites) to “keep their feet in tradition and their heads in the universe of science and technology in order to lead the continent towards true decolonization and accelerated development, which will make it the first world economic power.” (see: The United Kingdoms of Kama,

Thus, ‘‘in the current climate of fear and psychosis caused by the presence of COVID-19 around the world, the Raelien Movement in Kama wishes to acknowledge and support the efforts of scientists and phytotherapists of the continent for their contribution to the solutions to this pandemic,'' said Dr. Tai Ehouan, Guide-Bishop and continental leader of the Raelian Movement in Kama.

“Indeed, many research efforts carried out on the continent with very little material means by scientists in their laboratories in Madagascar, the DRC, Benin, and Burkina Faso on the one hand, and by traditional phytotherapists on the other hand, have made it possible to offer compounds that contribute to the healing of COVID-19. In addition, other technological efforts made in a very short time by young people in various countries on the continent have resulted in very innovative proposals for applications and equipment designed for the screening, protection, and hygiene against the pandemic. However, aside from contempt very little attention has been given to these efforts and to the proposals for these kamite compounds by international institutions, which are themselves controlled by the western pharmaceutical industries,” continued Dr. Ehouan.

‘’Also, the Raelian Movement in Kama particularly welcomes the support that the President of the Republic of Madagascar, His Excellency Andry Rajoelina, has given to the team of Malagasy scientists for their discovery. By announcing publicly and officially during a press conference that the compound (COVID-ORGANICS) this team has found, and which makes it possible to treat the Madagascan population, the Madagascan President has acted as a head of state who favors in all circumstances the interest of his people. In doing so, he gives an example to be followed by all the other kamite countries and shows, as Prophet Rael once said, that ‘Kama should not and need not wait for help from the outside for any solution to its problems’,” said Dr. Ehouan.

The Raelien Mouvement in Kama takes this opportunity to call on the governments of Kama to encourage as a priority the accelerated development of scientific research and local pharmaceutical industries as well as the urgent reinforcement of the capacities of the technical platform of the healthcare system of their respective countries.

The Raelian Movement maintains that life on Earth is a work of scientific creation carried out in the laboratory by scientists of an extraterrestrial civilization who came from the sky millennia ago.

"We have to expect the advent of further viruses infinitely more deadly than COVID-19, which will decimate humanity. No one can rejoice in the death and suffering of those who will disappear because of these viruses. But it will then be up to the new reduced humanity to ensure that we don’t allow overpopulation again through stricter birth control measures, otherwise, the Natural Order will take care of it yet again," Rael concluded.

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