News Item: Rael in support of Iceland’s circumcision ban
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Thursday 08 February 2018

LAS VEGAS, February 9 – Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, has welcomed the recent announcement made by Iceland MPs to outlaw circumcision for boys, saying that it is a wonderful decision.

Rael has repeatedly denounced this practice in Jewish and Muslim communities as ‘mutilation’. “Circumcision in men, just like clitoral excision in women, constitutes sexual mutilation and should be outlawed,” expressed Rael in a previous address.

“Adults can choose to have it done on themselves for whatever reason suits them, as they are free to do with their bodies as they see fit. But when it comes to performing it on children, it should definitely be forbidden and children should be protected.”

Rael has also decried for years the control of large religious groups over our society. “Circumcision is a primitive behavior, and should be banned worldwide. If any new religious minority, disrespectfully labeled as a “cult” or a “sect,” were performing such a mutilation, all its members would immediately be prosecuted and sentenced to go to jail. Why the double standard?”

Ten years ago, Rael launched a worldwide campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM) to bring hope to survivors of genital cutting and help women who have suffered this millennia-long custom. The non-profit organization, Clitoraid (, has since helped hundreds of women undergo reconstructive surgery not only to help them regain their clitoral sensations – since it is now possible to restore the damaged clitoris – but also their sense of dignity.

Clitoral repairs are currently sponsored every month in the USA, Burkina Faso, and in Kenya in August.

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