News Item: Indian Raelian Movement supports Satyapal Singh’s statement about Darwin’s Theory
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Friday 26 January 2018

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 25 – In a recent statement, Rael, spiritual leader of the atheist Raelian Movement (, has offered his support to India’s human resource development Minister, Satyapal Singh, who dared to question Darwin’s theory, saying that no one ever saw “a man turning into an ape.”

“Minister Singh isn’t the only scientist resenting the notion that Darwin’s theory shouldn’t be questioned, and that all new discoveries should be explained through Darwin’s theory prism otherwise they shouldn’t be accepted for publication or teaching,” said Brigitte Boisselier, PhD, spokesperson of the Raelian Movement. “Mr. Singh has a PhD in chemistry and has therefore been trained to interpret facts and even use these facts to question or validate established theories. All PhD students have to question and then adopt or reject theories. Only the evolution theory remains unquestioned, the scientific establishment being too afraid to have to deal with the alternative divine intervention,” Boisselier added.

Boisselier explained that there is no need to refer to an almighty god nor to a series of accidental mutations to explain the abundant diversity of species.
“Scientists are able to genetically modify species,” said Boisselier. “In doing so, they show that random mutations are not the only path to explain how new species arose, but directed mutations by advanced scientists could be another way. It’s possible to imagine a large scale and deliberate genetic engineering undertaking responsible for simple protozoans, colorful birds, graceful mammals, and even Homo sapiens.”

The Raelian philosophy endorses atheist creationism and states that scientists from another planet created all forms of life on earth including humans, “in their image,” and were later mistaken for gods by their own creation.

“Besides being more dogmatic than theory, Darwin’s evolution theory prevents scientists from appreciating all life forms that resulted from a deliberate and intelligent design,” added Boisselier. “If scientists were allowed the possibility to consider life as having been scientifically engineered, all biological departments would live a major revolution leading up to changes in all social aspects of our lives. Minister Singh’s proposal to change the curriculum would not bring our society backward but rather allow a major leap forward into our unavoidable future where we, too, become creators of life.”

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