News Item: Sexuality Education Day: Raelians to mobilize on Nov. 20, promoting early sex education to prevent sexual assault and harassment

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Monday 20 November 2017

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 19 – “Monday, Nov. 20, will be the third annual SexEd Day, the sexuality educational day inspired by Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement,” said sexologist Clemence Linard, who is also a Raelian guide.

Linard said Rael has long advocated the necessity of early sex education for children and young adults to remove fear, frustration and taboos.

“Those factors are the main sources of the sexual crimes still making the news today,” Linard explained. She pointed out that several reports made by international experts from UNESCO*, OMS* and UNFPA* concur.

“They all recommend the kind of early sex education described by Raelian philosophy,” she said. “But because Christian groups lobby against such education, it’s slow to be implemented by governments. In fact, attempts to provide it have been censured and modified to remove the recommendation for early masturbation. That's not acceptable.”

Linard emphasized that children are especially vulnerable when kept in the dark regarding their sexuality.

“They then become easy prey for the adults who themselves suffer from the frustrations imposed by the lack of sex education,” she said. “This is a serious drawback of our religiously imprinted society. Scientific facts and studies should prevail over religious beliefs and traditions where the mental balance and well-being of our children is concerned.”

She added, “Early sex education also means early training to respect sexual diversity and respect for one’s own sexuality, which includes acknowledgement of the notion of pleasure. That is essential for the mental balance of any individual. And the key to stop all the sex crimes plaguing our society lies in providing the well-structured early sex education recommended by international experts.”

Linard said Raelians across the country will congregate on November 20 in public places, including in front of major institutions, to explain why an annual SexEd Day and early sex education are essential.


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