News Item: Raelian Bishops Offer Funeral Services for Those Choosing Assisted Suicide

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Tuesday 03 October 2017

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 4 – While the number of assisted suicides has been rising in Canada, Switzerland and other countries where the practice has been legal for the past 2 years, Raelian Bishops want to remove the last obstacle confronting terminally ill patients: the condemnation of the Catholic Church and the denial of decent funerals for families seeking closure.

“Starting a year ago, Catholic Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories have been telling priests to refuse to conduct funerals for those who committed assisted suicide,” said Daniel Turcotte, leader of the Raelian Movement of North America and a Raelian Bishop in Montreal, Canada. “They say doing such services would encourage others to engage in what they call ‘the evil that is euthanasia and assisted suicide.’”

Turcotte said a Swiss Catholic bishop previously made a similar statement refusing funeral services for those committing assisted suicide.

“That shows this is a worldwide Catholic position,” he said. “The Raelian position is that it is extremely cruel to make people choose between the fear of living longer in pure misery and the fear of displeasing their god and missing out on the possibility of eternal life.”

Raelian philosophy states that suicide is acceptable when a person is in extreme physical pain that cannot be relieved by science, or when the individual’s faculties have diminished to the point where he or she can no longer act effectively.

“While Raelian philosophy is strictly against any form of violence, we maintain it is everyone’s choice to end life when staying alive has become unbearably painful,” Turcotte explained. “It’s our mission as Raelians to remove taboos and hang ups associated with outmoded religions like Catholicism. That’s why we’re offering dignified funeral ceremonies for those wishing to give their loved ones an opportunity for closure.”

He added, “Raelian funerals are a celebration of life: of both the life of the deceased and the lives of those gathered for a final farewell. Such a celebration is also in perfect harmony with the choice of assisted death, which is also a celebration of life, a conscious choice to bring beauty and dignity to its end.”

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