News Item: Rael supports controversial UNESCO guidelines for early childhood sex education
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Posted by Raelian Movement
Friday 05 June 2015

LAS VEGAS, June 5 – Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, is renewing his support for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) report on early sex education, which will be released by the end of July to governments, local authorities and educational bodies worldwide.

In 2009, when the report’s initial release generated an international outcry, Rael applauded it.

“This scientific, accurate report expresses the exact values taught by the Raelian Movement philosophy,” he said then.

Now, with the report’s final version ready for international release, Rael reaffirmed his approval and support for it in a statement released today by the International Raelian Movement (IRM).

“These wonderful scientific recommendations are perfectly in line with the Raelian teachings, as shared by the [extraterrestrial] scientists who created us,” he said. “That should shut the mouths of those who have criticized the [Raelian Movement] by saying that our proposal of universal sex education ‘promotes pedophilia.’ ”

“Raelians are often criticized for their advanced position on sex education,” explained IRM spokesperson Brigitte Boisselier, PhD. “But this UNESCO report is based on 80 different studies done by scientific experts, and they all concur, agreeing with us that children should receive sex education early in life, including information about masturbation, to prevent sexual diseases and abuse. We’re elated that recognized experts and UNESCO are squelching our critics by supporting our position.”

Raelians are planning a worldwide campaign to promote the UNESCO report’s conclusions.

“We’ll time those activities to coincide with the report’s official release,” Boisselier said.

Clemence Linard, sex educator and Raelian guide, agreed.

“Our campaign will counter conservative backlash by explaining the benefits of early sex education,” she said. “Concealing reality from children always leads to trauma or deviance. The Raelian mission is to increase awareness of all trauma sources, including beliefs in the myth of God, beliefs in ape ancestors, and ideas that sex is dirty and that body parts must be concealed. This UNESCO report release is the perfect opportunity to disprove harmful beliefs and reduce the trauma done to so many young children when they’re forbidden to touch their genitals. Some children are even genitally mutilated so that touching themselves is painful. This UNESCO report release is a matter of emergency for all humanity!”

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