News Item: Raelians applaud Liz Sandals, Ontario Minister of Education, but they think that she is not going far enough in the sexual education at school!
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Wednesday 13 May 2015

Toronto, May 12th, 2015 – This curriculum is long overdue and we are very pleased that the new sex education curriculum will be introduced to children from Grade 1 to Grade 12. It will provide them with the tools necessary to better understand their bodies, from properly naming body parts to becoming sex positive persons. Our Movement is pleased that age appropriate young adults will learn how sex can be enjoyed and be a pleasurable experience when partners respect one another and protect themselves.

Diane Brisebois, a Raelian priest, states: “Educating children on sexual diversity is also very important. RAEL, our spiritual leader has been teaching it for more than 40 years!” She added: “as written in the Raelian message: Sexual education is very important…, but it only teaches the technical functions and uses of the organs. Sensual education, on the other hand, teaches us how to gain pleasure from our organs purely for pleasure’s sake, without necessarily seeking to use them for their utilitarian purposes. To say nothing to your children about their sexual organs is wrong, and although it is better to explain what they are for, this is still not enough. You must explain how they can gain pleasure from them.” Since Rael’s publication of his Sensual Meditation book, many psychologists and sexologists acknowledged this affirmation.

Raelians hope that all the provinces of Canada will follow the example given by Liz Sandals and won't back down because of pressure coming from some ultra conservative and middle age acting organizations.

The Raelian Movement is an atheist religion, based on the belief that all forms of life were created on earth scientifically by an extraterrestrial civilization named Elohim. Raelians’ goals are to inform the public and welcome the creators back on earth so they may meet officially with world governments in an Embassy that will be built for them.

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