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Raelians to celebrate Swastika Rehabilitation Day, seeking to increase awareness about the symbol’s ancient meaning

International Day of Paradism: For a world without work, without money, and without powers, thanks to Artificial Intelligence

"AI represents Mankind's salvation." The Raelian Movement responds to Elon Musk's alarmist statements while expressing concern over the closure of ChatGPT in Italy

Raelians call for a Happiness Day every day

UFO wave in America: Extraterrestrials are always peaceful

The Raelian Movement encourages all the UN Member States to support San Marino's request to establish the first permanent Office for the observation and scientific study of the UFO phenomenon

Kanye West and Elon Musk both need education on the Raelian symbol

The Mashiach is here, amongst us, and now is the time to build the Third Temple

On the eve of the 8th annual SexEd Day, Raelians continue their campaign for Comprehensive Sex Education from childhood

Raelians to reignite 'Free Hugs' campaign for immunity

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