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The Raelian Movement to build Third Temple near Jerusalem -- The blueprints and timetable will finally be revealed by the REAL JEWS on September 18

GoTopless Day 2022: Support equal gender topless equality to change the world

The Raelian “Embassy for Extraterrestrials” project presented to 50 cities around the world

Outraged at the fate of the Native Americans, the Raelian Movement proposes a peaceful gesture

Rael Awards Honorary Guide Title to Elon Musk

ET Embassy Day: Raelian architects unveil architectural plans of Embassy for Extraterrestrials

The International Raelian Movement advocates making “lnternational Happiness Day” every day

Black History Month, a time to celebrate the return to Africa as well

Exceptional Lecture, exclusively in Hebrew, for Jewish Communities by Raelian Chief Rabbi Leon Mellul

The Raelian Movement supports the people of Mali in their struggle for true independence and sovereignty

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