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Kanye West and Elon Musk both need education on the Raelian symbol

The Mashiach is here, amongst us, and now is the time to build the Third Temple

On the eve of the 8th annual SexEd Day, Raelians continue their campaign for Comprehensive Sex Education from childhood

Raelians to reignite 'Free Hugs' campaign for immunity

The Raelian Movement’s support for Clitoraid remains unwavering

Rael awards title of Honorary Guide to Didier Raoult, Christian Perronne, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Raelian Movement to build Third Temple near Jerusalem -- The blueprints and timetable will finally be revealed by the REAL JEWS on September 18

GoTopless Day 2022: Support equal gender topless equality to change the world

The Raelian “Embassy for Extraterrestrials” project presented to 50 cities around the world

Outraged at the fate of the Native Americans, the Raelian Movement proposes a peaceful gesture

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