News Item: ‘Back to Kama’ organization supports Volunteer Dental Project for 2nd year in a row
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Friday 05 January 2018

CHICAGO, January 8 – The ‘Back to Kama’ (BTK) organization (Kama is the indigenous native term for Africa; see ) will support a Volunteer Dental Project (VDP) for the second consecutive year. This volunteer program was inspired by the BTK dream project and was created for the sole purpose of giving back to the African community, the homeland.

In 2009, Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM), launched the ‘Back to Kama’ dream project to encourage well-educated, successful, and affluent people of all races and religions – especially descendants of slaves – to migrate to Kama and to relocate their businesses and operations there, along with transferring knowledge and wealth accumulated in the West. “To save Humanity, we must first save Kama,” Rael said.

Five years ago, Raelian Guide, Larry R. Abdullah (DDS, PhD) – who has a general dentistry practice in Chicago, first had his DNA tested to trace down his African roots and the results revealed the Congo, Africa.

“My ancestry originated in the Congo and spread across the continent to West Africa. This is what inspired me to travel to Africa for the first time,” Abdullah recalled. HIs trip resulted in his participation in the ‘Back to Kama’ program designed to reunite people of African descent with their ancestral homeland.

“Since I’m a dentist, I decided to initiate a program to provide dental services to the residents most in need,” Dr. Abdullah said. In January 2017, he returned to Burkina Faso for two weeks where he treated nearly 100 patients with acute and chronic dental needs. Later this month (January), thanks to BTK, the Volunteer Dental Project will return to Kama for the second consecutive year where he will spend three weeks, and provide dental services in both the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

Dr. Abdullah and the staff of villagers he trained to help him will see an average of eight patients a day, and the goal is to perform extractions, emergency services, and some basic preventive services.

“The aim of the BTK program is to help enable people of African descent to reconnect with the continent by sharing their skills, experience, knowledge, and wealth,” Abdullah said. He hopes that what he is doing can serve as a model for the African diaspora to give back to Kama.

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