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»Let’s Ban Nuclear Weapons!!!
Act NOW! Act Now, before it is too late!- Write to our United Nations Ambassador - Contact our Defen ...
»Rael encourages all countries to get atomic weapons
Yes, it’s much more “realistic” to get closer and closer to a nuclear holocaust that will destroy al ...
»A French docufiction fully immersed among Raelians proves the non-danger of this new religion
The docu-fiction, "Happiness Academy," a 70-minute feature film directed by Alain Della Negra and Ka ...
»What UFOs are teaching us
.... when it is clear that accepting their existence would be scientifically beneficial and would le ...
»Clitoraid to launch clitoris therapy for FGM victims on February 6
LAS VEGAS, Feb. 6 “Using that vibrator will be part of our patients’ post-operative therapy followin ...

Date published: Sun, 30 Apr 2017 04:41:07 +0000

Rael: Only 3 Months Left to Avoid Humanity's Self-Destruction

The Raelian Movement calls for the independence of French Guyana And, to this new independent state, proposes the construction of an Embassy to welcome the extraterrestrials!

Embassy for an ET civilization: Raelians announce the project timeline

For ‘ET Embassy Day’, April 1, Raelians Propose Extraterrestrial Embassy Project in an Independent Texas Nation

SexEd Day: sex education, a child’s fundamental right

Raelians to stage October 12 protests in front of Columbus monuments and Spanish embassies

Rael: ‘Banning Columbus Day isn’t enough!’

Rael to Hawking: ‘Don’t compare extraterrestrials with white racist Europeans!’

Raelians note positive meaning of swastika-shaped crop circle in U.K. field

Rael: 'Move U.N. headquarters to Okinawa!’

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