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Date published: Sat, 28 Mar 2015 23:05:42 -0500
The Raelian Movement has a “Message” to give to the public, a vast array of information regarding our origin and our future, given to its spiritual leader, RAEL, more than 39 years ago by the scientists who created all life on Earth. Stories about the Movement and its members appear in newspapers, magazines and on radio and television around the world on a regular basis. It is important to us to give to media the most up-to-date information and materials to portray us right as this “Message” is important to us. We hope that this website will provide you with the information you are looking for. If not, our media relations staff will have pleasure in helping you (press@rael.org).

The Raelian Movement was founded in 1974, a few months after the encounter between RAEL, its founder, and one of the Elohim, the scientists who created us. Since its founding it has grown steadily and now counts more than 85,000 members in 104 countries and about 170 Guides who lead the activities of the Movement under the direction of the Prophet RAEL.

Raelians come from all walks of life. They have in common a strong desire to make this planet a paradise where Science is a priority and can be freely developed for the benefit of all and where violence is treated as a disease and finally, completely eradicated. They are atheists and practice meditation. They are dreamers and believe in their dreams and this is why they are so active and a subject of significant public and media interest.

Their passion to spread the “Message” received by Rael is described every week or so in our Newsletter “Contact”. Their actions to change the world are documented there as well. Whether they help African Women to get their sense of pleasure back after clitoris circumcision, or denounce the fatwa against homosexuals in some countries, or design a global pollution index to help segregate between polluting products and services, or promote the use of cloning to beat aging and ultimately beat death, you will always find Raelian actions ahead of their time. For our vision of the News, articles are regularly posted on www.raelianews.org and you may listen to talks of the Prophet Rael on www.youtube.com/raeltv and www.raelradio.net

This Media Information site gives you all the latest press releases as well as images that you may want to use. Please do not hesitate to ask our media relation staff for any additional information you may want about the Raelian Movement.

The Prophet RAEL is also available for interviews. He is touring the world, spending time on each continent each year in order to train the hundreds of Guides who are leading our activities. His assistants around the World will be happy to facilitate your request or will direct you to a competent spokesperson who will be delighted to give you a better insight of who we are and of what our role is in the world today.

Brigitte Boisselier, Ph.D.

Official Spokesperson of the Raelian Movement


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